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Meet Arlo Weiner: the flyest little boy I’ve ever seen since THIS photo.  Arlo is the son of Max Weiner, the creator of the TV series Mad Men, and is featured in his own GQ photo spread.  This kid rocks bow-ties, ascots, fedoras, and top hats on a regular basis, counts Black Sabbath and Bob Dylan among his favorite musicians, and considers Frank Sinatra his style inspiration. 


Oh yeah, and he’s only in the second grade.  (When I was that age, I was barely interested in tying my shoestrings, much less a bow-tie!)

Keep reading for more of his flyness, and to hear what he has to say about his unparalleled style CLICK HERE.

I bet THIS will make you think twice about rolling out of bed and throwing on the first thing you see. Lol.




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Tyler Brûlé, Editor-in-Chief, Monocle

Allow me to introduce you to my newest obsession: The Monocle Weekly podcast.  Every Sunday after church/brunch and before I head out to go grocery shopping, I rush to my computer to download Monocle magazine’s weekly podcast hosted by its Editor-in-Chief, Tyler Brûlé.  Each week, Brûlé is joined by other Monocle editors as well as leaders and visionaries in the fields of global affairs, business, culture, and design for smart discussion, previews, feature interviews, and field reports on these topics.  Every week the show is based out of a different city (London, New York, Beirut, etc.) and I love their global outlook.


The Monocle Weekly is intelligent,  enlightening, and entertaining.  It successfully does for me what all media should  do for its audience—leaves me feeling informed and causes me to think.

You can listen to the audio broadcast on The Monocle Weekly website, or you can subscribe to and download the free podcast on iTunes.  The Monocle Weekly, and Monocle magazine itself, are well worth your time and are a great way to start your week off right.

Here’s to a phenomenal week,


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Via Wired:

A new feature for Gmail aims to rid your life of that classic “Oh Shit” e-mail moment.

“Undo Send” puts a five to 10-second hold on all outgoing messages. If you addressed an e-mail to the wrong person, let slip with an embarrassing typo or simply said something you really, really shouldn’t have, Undo Send can be a lifesaver. Or, more accurately, a job-saver.

As with most enhancements to Google’s free webmail app, Gmail users can enable the new Undo Send feature by going into their Labs settings and turning it on — click on the little green flask at the top of the screen, or go to Settings and click on the Labs tab. Gmail users can usually access new features shortly after they’re announced, but the features take time to roll out across all accounts, so be patient if it doesn’t show up right away.

Turn it on and every time you send an e-mail, you’ll see an Undo link at the end of the confirmation message that appears at the top of your inbox.


Do nothing and the e-mail goes out. Click Undo and you get dumped back into Compose mode.

The default setting is five seconds, but the Gmail Labs folks tell us you can dial it up to 10 if you wish. In my testing, I only saw options for “5” and “0” seconds in the drop-down list.

Update: A Labs representative confirms that Undo Send only gives you the 5-second option for now. The 10 second option is coming in a future update. And the 0 seconds option is actually just a way to turn it off without disabling the feature.

Undo Send cannot pull back any e-mail that has already gone out. But a 5-second window should catch most embarrassments. So, between Undo Send and Mail Goggles, you now have no excuse for making an ass of yourself.

Some proprietary internal e-mail systems like QuickMail have had this feature for years, but those were built for managed intranets that used outbox queues. This Gmail Labs addition is a first for web-based mail services.

This is yet another reason why I love Gmail.  We can all relate to sending an email and then immediately wanting to retract it for whatever reason—-now we can.  I can dig it.



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This is Called Diplomacy

I had forgotten what diplomacy looked like…until this.

And I found this analysis article from the BBC entitled “What Obama’s Message to Iran Means” really insightful.  Here’s an excerpt:

President Barack Obama’s video message to Iran offering a “new beginning” is an imaginative start to his attempt to improve relations – but huge obstacles remain.

In diplomacy such efforts at overcoming major differences sometimes end simply in defining those differences more sharply.

These issues were not directly mentioned by Mr Obama but this is what he is referring to:


  • Iran to give up uranium enrichment and accept international offers to provide fuel for nuclear power
    • Iran to stop arming Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza
    • Iran to help in achieving peace in Afghanistan and Iraq
    • Iran to stop threatening Israel.

    Iran will want the following:


    • Acceptance of its right to enrich uranium
    • An end to UN sanctions
    • An end to US sanctions
    • An end to America’s “colonialist attitudes”.
  • We all know that Ahmadinejad  is known to act a fool, so I like Obama’s “kill ’em with kindness” approach.  And the Farsi at the end was a great touch. We’ll see how this plays out.



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    After a slight recession, the laughanomics factor of “The District” is finally rebounding.  It’s not the best episode, but I guess it’s like our economy—-it’s not going to rebound overnight. 🙂




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    Maaaaaaannn hold up!  Two of my best friends from  Texas are coming to visit me in NY tomorrow and I’m so CRUNK, mane!  In celebration, I’m bumping some good ole’ (albeit ignorant as hell) TX hip-hop——-I’m talking about that Swishahouse, “f” action, screwed and chopped ish.  That Paul Wall, UGK, Slim Thug, Lil Keke, Boss Hogg Outlawz ish.  

    If you’re not from Texas, you probably don’t understand…and probably never will. 

    Allllllllllllready mane!


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    If you ever wanted to know ANYTHING (or rather, anyone’s opinion) about First Lady Michelle Obama, you should look no further than the latest issue of New York Magazine

    The headline on the cover reads “The Power of Michelle Obama” and the issue has profiles of the First Lady from numerous authors with titles such as: “Regarding Michelle Obama: The Many Meanings of a New American Icon”, “The First Couple’s Sexual Politics” , “From Militant to Princess”, and “Her Body, Ourselves”.

    I’ve read most of the profiles in the issue, and while I LOOOOVE our new First Lady as much as much as the next Obama supporter, this issue didn’t sit totally well with me.  While some of the articles did Mrs. Obama justice, I feel that many of them were either overt drool fests, or were slightly offensive assesments that tried to cover up their poison cake with sweet icing.

    One of the things in particular that irked me was the Hillary Clinton bash fest that many of the articles turned out to be.  Granted, Secretary Clinton can be a polarizing figure, and was certainly one as First Lady,  but I admire and respect the hell out of her, and I think that the writers could have made their point about the greatness of Michelle Obama without dragging Hillary through the mud. 

    Additionally, I’m becoming increasingly weary of partisan, biased media coverage.  I’ve never been one to complain about the “liberal” (MSNBC) or “right wing” (FAUX, I mean FOX News) media—I just wouldn’t patronize those media outlets.  But there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground these days.  From television to the internet, and even the FEW papers that are still hanging on, there seems to be either an obvious bias against Democrats, President Obama, “progressive” ideology, etc., or (which in this political climate is certainly the case) an obvious bias towards the aforementioned.  Just like FOX News’ coverage of the Bush Administration was ultimately treacherous, biased coverage of the Obama Administration will serve as an equally disastrous injustice to the public.  I’m not saying that the media should do hatchet jobs, but can I get some objectivity?

    Sometimes I feel that media outlets like New York Magazine are just pimping the Obamas to sell their product, and once public opinion begins to change and the honeymoon ends (which will inevitably happen to some degree), they’ll turn on the President and First Lady just like they have on every other politician and their families.

    But media rant aside, you should keep reading to check out these artistic interpretations of First Lady Obama from New York  Magazine .

    Thoughts on any of this?



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